We deliver 7 days a week throughout Edinburgh & the Lothians.


Doing our bit

As a family business we believe strongly in the importance of our staff, our community and the environment.


For our staff we are living wage providers and have training and development programs in place. We also work with local councils on social programs to help with employment and regeneration in local areas.


We invest in our community by sponsoring a number of local teams, societies, organisations and initiatives with a percentage of our profits being allocated each year to these causes.


We also recognise the importance of our environmental footprint.

Producing all baked goods to order to minimise waste.
The installation of solar panels on our building.
Our vehicles contain tracking devices that enabling us to constantly review route efficiency.
The internal office heating is generated using recycled heat from the bakery.
We optimise our resources, including our production procedures, use of machines, water, electricity and raw ingredients through regular reviews of our activity.
All our internal and external lights are LED.
We have recycling bins on site for paper, cardboard, plastic and food waste.
We adhere to all current legislation and best practice guidelines.
Our staff are well trained ensuring that all employees understand our practices and policy so they can incorporate it throughout the workplace.